Treating Our Clients the Way We Like to be Treated!

We’re excited about the possibility of helping your publishing efforts. We are confident that we can effectively and efficiently complement your operation. We provide a clean, orderly and secure warehouse for the storage of books, as well as a full range of order processing.

We normally ship orders within 48 hours of receipt. We usually get your orders billed and shipped the same day. You won’t beat that, anywhere. We pride ourselves on our accuracy, as well as our quick turnaround. Post Office service, UPS and RPS and major freight carriers are all used.

We specialize in small publishers. Publishers like yourself.

don’t get lost ...

When shopping for book fulfillment, don’t get lost at a facility where you never speak to the same person twice. When you call Intrepid our staff will we be ready to help you.  You won’t be put on hold endlessly, nor be subjected to an endless stream of “Press 3 or 4 or just hang up and try us later!” options. You’ll often talk to one of the officers at our company.

We’re a hands-on business.  If you’re looking for a big facility (we have over 56,000 square feet with room to grow!) where the executives never loosen their ties, we may not suit you. (We don’t wear ties to work. They get in the way.) But if you like the idea of a facility where the boss remembers the order that came in yesterday — or last month — from Zilch’s Bookstore — in fact, where the boss may have packed the order himself — Intrepid is what you are looking for. 



Services we offer

We offer two types of product fulfillment, with numerous sub-directories tailored to your needs.

Pick and Pack includes:

  • storage of your products in a clean, organized and safe warehouse facility
  • receipt of labels or invoices via faxes, email, mail, publishers website, or in person
  • picking orders from live shelf stock
  • packaging and preparation
  • shipping via UPS, FedEx, USPS or truck freight 

Complete Order Processing includes all of the above, plus:

  • complete caging and cashiering (receipt of orders, key codes and source codes monitored manually, billings and banking,)
  • invoice and label generation
  • Post Office boxes if desired
  • inventory control
  • customer service
  • processing returns and exchanges
  • UPS manifesting, computer generated sales, inventory, marketing and royalty reports

Fulfillment fees for both of the above methods cover shipping, cartons, yearly physical inventory, receiving new titles, delivery to the Post Office or UPS pick up, and physical inventories of individual titles as needed.

We would value having you as a client. In our twenty eight years of operation we have grown significantly. But we will never outgrow our basic business philosophy. We treat our clients the way we like to be treated. We have a bright and enthusiastic staff that treats a client’s business as if it is its own.